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Фундація імені князів-благодійників Острозьких
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Princes-Benefactors Ostrozky Foundation

Princes-Benefactors Ostrozky Foundation Princes-Benefactors Ostrozky Foundation was founded in November 1995 by 9 civic organizations in Rivnenska and Volynska Oblast.

Mission: To develop local communities and enterprising groups by supporting of civic organizations, groups of activists, establishments and organizations which help people in self-realization and providing of their necessities and legal interests.

Status: regional charity foundation, nonprofit nongovernmental independent organization.

Primary activity:

Charitable Activity: PBOF supports people in need, and coordinates the philanthropy initiatives of public organizations and businesses. More than 1500 people have received assistance from the Foundation since 1998. For example, 12 tent-camps have been organized for disadvantaged children, and more than 500 children have taken part. Each year before Christmas the organization conducts the charitable action "Christmas for Everyone". During the 2000-2006 these actions collected up to 5000 euro each. The target audiences of these events are: children-orphans, children from single parent families, and children from very large families, student-orphans, and single old people. Financing for this kind of activity is raised from local sources. In 2008 was founded new charity program for NGOs “Fund of Social Action”. It aims to involve more resources from labor collectives for realization of social projects of organization-participants, there are already 11 social oriented organizations. The pilot base of this program supported by WINGS Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Philanthropy Development. PBOF pays much attention toward philanthropic development the region and creating positive social image about philanthropy and charity activities. In particular, teaching public organizations to fundraise for social projects from local and external sources (businesses, local authority, and individual citizens). The Foundation has developed a training course called "Local Fundraising", which is conducted as a training-seminar using interactive teaching methods. The Foundation was one of the first institutions in Ukraine, who created NGO resource center for local community organizations. Thus In 1998 Volyn Resource Center was created on the basis of the Princes-Benefactors Ostrozkiy Foundation. Lately this experience has been successfully spread to the other regions of Ukraine. Today the Foundation implements the national project "The School on Local Fundraising for NGOs" supported from local sources. In this School the PBOF trains NGOs from different regions of Ukraine on effective methods and approaches to local fundraising and building social partnership.

Educational Activity. Every year PBOF conducts more than 40 educational trainings for NGOs, student councils, citizens’ initiative groups, and state institutions. The ‘School of Young Leaders’ and "The School on Local Fundraising for NGOs" are the bright examples of such an activity. Additionally, 10 books and 8 brochures have been published for NGOs.

Social Partnership. The Foundation has a solid experience in the implementation of “social order” technology for state institutions (i.e. state institutions allocating and distributing funds for social projects and NGO initiatives on the open competition basis). PBOF works in close collaboration with the representatives of local authorities and businesses regarding the introduction of the joint regional development models. The Innovation-Analytical Business Support Center "Euro-Volyn", created on the basis of PBOF, now independently introduces these innovative models to its business clients. The Employment Agency Information Center (also originated by PBOF in past) works on building collaborative relations with businesses and developing charitable programs to assist unemployed people. From 2004 years the system of social discount was inculcated in an action, according to which citizens after bringing in the passive offering (purchasing the card of social discount) get thousands of discounts on commodities and services, business gives concessions from 3 to 50% and sponsors an informative campaign, and people of moderare means get permanent social discount cards free of charge.

Grant-making activity. In 2000 the Foundation implemented the grant-making activity. For this purpose it has got the status of Territorial Community Foundation to award small grants to regional NGOs. In 2000 PBOF was reorganized and Board of Directors from representatives of the business community, banks and credit organizations, religious and state establishments was created. As a result of this activity, in 2002 six small grants have been awarded, ranging from $150 to $500, to public organizations to implement their projects focusing on local community development, solving social problems and satisfying concrete community needs. Later in 2005, 14 small grants have been awarded in total amount up to $8,000. Due to successful results of its work, in 2004 the Princes Benefactors Ostrozky Foundation became the associated member of the The Ukrainian Grantmakers Forum (UGF).

Non-financial endowment. At the end of 2005 the City Council of Dubno gave the territory of the local Island for the use of PBOF for 49 years. The island is located in the central part of Dubno.

Reorganization of activity. On this time activity of Fund as a charity fund is reorganized: Board of Directors was created from the representatives of business circles and bank-credit, religious, public institutions. On its base Fund of development of territorial communities of Northen-Western region of Ukraine (ethnic natural habitat of Volyn) was created for the grant of small grants for regional NGO and local communities through the initiative groups of citizens. From 2002 to 2006 on realization of projects of public organizations and community groups, directed on development of local community, solving their problems and providing of its necessities, - 56 small grants were given in sums equivalent to 1000 dollars of the USA each. To the end of 2006 year endawment (inviolable capital) Ostrozky Foundation makes a sum equivalent $10.000. Besides, Dubno city decided in 2004 to give an island in central part of city for free of charge using. In 2004 years World Initiative Support of Grantgivers (WINGS) acknowledged Prinses-Benefactors Ostrozky Fuoundation the first Fund of territorial community in Ukraine. In 2006 year Fundation was nominated in Rivne by the annual rating of popularity „Pride of the city” as the best eleemosynary organization.

Publications: PBOF has published already 11 books in project management, development of third sector, involving of local resources etc. In 2007 was registered magazine “Philanthropy Journal” that is publishing quarterly and is periodical edition.

Nearest plans. Among the nearest plans of Fundation - strengthening of mutual relations with local power of different levels for providing of more effective use of budgetary facilities, social problems directed on a decision by forces of public organizations, strengthening of work with communities during conducting of large-scale eleemosynary actions, mobilization of local and international resources for the decision of the sharpest problems of city Rivne and to the region. And also development of partnership with an economic sector in direction of social corporate responsibility.